Battery master switch and overrun control for utility vehicles with SCRT®

SCR® technology: What are the risks of using mechanical battery master switches?

With the implementation of the exhaust emission standard Tier 4 final or EURO 6 for diesel engines in off-highway vehicles, the SCR® technology has made its debut.

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) takes place by injecting the AdBlue® preparation into the exhaust gas stream. Nitrogen oxides and ammonia react to water and also to nitrogen.

Due to the specific properties of the aqueous urea solution AdBlue®, the aim is to prevent it from remaining in all pipes. After the end of the working process and after the engine has been switched off, a reliable power supply for the pump is necessary to ensure that the AdBlue® is completely drained out of the lines. This is ensured with a so-called overrun.

If the draining process is interrupted by the premature removal of the still widely used mechanical battery master switch, the AdBlue® remaining in the lines can lead to operating faults, depending on the weather situation. The freezing point of AdBlue is -11.5 °C. The downtime resulting from the clogged lines can quickly lead to high costs for the user, depending on the vehicle group and application.

The alternative for perfect overrun control: Hybrid power relays

By using the HPR10 hybrid power relay from E-T-A, the switch-on or switch-off delay specified by the OEM can be defined for perfect overrun control. The mechanical battery master switch on the vehicle can also be completely omitted, as the HPR10 also provides complete physical isolation.

Meet the standard requirements of DIN EN 474-1

The use of the HPR10 type enables compliance with DIN EN 474-1 for earthmoving machinery. This is guaranteed by the individual programmability of the HPR10 in combination with the physical isolation and the high performance safety - especially in Scandinavian climates. 

The areas of application in the off-highway vehicle sector:

  • Construction machinery
  • Mine sweepers
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Forestry equipment
  • Special machinery

Typ HPR10 - Your benefit

Vehicles that control the overrun by means of the HPR 10 intelligent power relay offer the user significantly higher performance safety. They protect against operating errors and prevent specific vehicle failure.

Especially suitable for installation in off-highway vehicles

  • IP 6k9k degree of protection
  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • High resistance to chemicals

High performance safety of the working machines - prevents unwanted breakdowns

  • High resistance to shock and vibration
  • High corrosion resistance

Flexible mounting options

  • Low weight
  • Can be integrated both horizontally and vertically thanks to solid mounting points

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Konfigurator für elektronische Relais mit Zeit- und Sonderfunktionen

Konfigurieren Sie die möglichen Hardware- und Relais-Funktionen für das hybride Leistungsrelais HPR10.

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