Energy and Environmental Management

We protect lives and assets

Certified environmental protection

Environmental protection is the central responsibility of humankind of our time. That is why we at E-T-A also see it as a great responsibility to shape our entrepreneurial activities in harmony with our living space and its resources.

E-T-A is fully committed to the protection and preservation of an environment worth living in.

We take climate protection very seriously as a generational project. We show our commitment through our certified energy and environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The four firmly anchored points in our energy and environmental policy are lived and promoted at all levels at E-T-A. We also include our suppliers in our policy.

Energy and greenhouse gases

  • Improvement of the energy efficiency
  • CO2 neutrality

Water consumption

  • Using water resources conscientiously and sparingly
  • Purification of wastewater

Material, chemicals and waste

  • Reduced consumption of resources
  • Protection against harmful chemicals
  • Avoiding waste

Product use and life cycle

  • We strive for an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient life cycle of our products as far possible

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You can download our energy and environment policy including our goals and actions as pdf.


Material Compliance

Our corporate responsibility for economic, ecological and social issues is an integral part of our management system and of the entire life cycle of our products. 

You can find more detailed information about Conflict materials, REACH, RoHS and WEEE, as well as our statement about Material Compliance on the following page:

Material Compliance

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Here you can download our certificates in the area of energy and environmental management systems.