Materials handling - solutions for Industry 4.0 and IoT

Solutions for the DC-power distribution design in driverless transportation systems and in decentralised and centralised control cabinets.

The requirements for permanent availability of inventory, logistics and transportation solutions as well as the transparency of processes are constantly increasing. The more automation technology there is, the higher is the demand on protection solutions.

E-T-A offers suitable circuit breakers and comprehensive protection and distribution systems, both for DC and AC circuits. At the same time, smart custom-built solutions for your protection are our core competences.

Your benefits

  • Highest availability by way of transparency, remote diagnosis and clear trouble-shooting.
  • Space and time saving thanks to compact and modular devices with minimum wiring effort.
  • Individually deployable in centralised and decentralised distribution concepts.


  • Automation 
    Storing, conveying & transporting, picking, handling
  • Driverless transportation systems (DTS)
    Conveying & Transporting

 Materials Handling Brochure

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